Insulation Pins

An insulation pin is a stud used as a pin to affix fibrous heat insulators such as glass wool.
They serve to affix heat insulation materials for relatively low temperatures such as those in ducts or ship cabins.
Studs are made of low-carbon steel of 3 to 6 mm in consideration weldability and workability. We offer a large lineup of products, as follows, depending upon intended applications.
Speed washers are generally used to affix heat insulation.


Common name Common length (after welding) Thread length Length before welding Collar shape (reference) Applied ferrule
d Lo S L E F
3 50~200 20~50 Lo+3 Unnecessary
4 6 3 Unnecessary
5 7 3 100-101-003
6 8 3 100-101-006

Non-thread insulation pin
Cone point stud
CD-use insulation pin


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