Plate Studs

Plate studs effectively affix heat resistant material in conjunction with wire in order to affix light refractory material.
They are used to hold heat resistant materials of funnels and boilers.
Studs are made of low-carbon steel and stainless steel in consideration of weldability and workability.

Thickness Width Length Length before welding Collar shape (reference) Applied ferrule
t W Lo L E F
R3N  6X25X20 Lo+5 10X30 4 100-301-010
R3N  6X25X25
R4N  3X9X20 Lo+3 6X13 2.5 100-301-002
R4N  3X9X40
R4N  3X15X30 6X20 3 100-301-003
R4N  3X15X50


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