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Company Name Nippon Stud Welding Co., Ltd.
Establishment December 5, 1969
Eiji Miyoshi
Kazunari Kasai
Yasushi Nakanishi
Yoshio Kimura
Hideki Kataoka
Kenjiro Ano
Three Nonexecutive Directors
Part-time Auditor
Employees 110
Main sales items Total fastening system based on stud welding and caulking.
Headed studs, Deformed bar studs, Threaded studs, Anchor studs, Bolts, Pins and Ferrules
Clips and Fasteners based on stud welding
Applied products of stud welding
Stud welding guns, stud welding machines, automatic feeding equipment and accessories
Stud welding construction work
Shield gas for stud welding
Ceramic tabs for welding
Caulking machines, Rivets for caulking and Feeders for rivets
Manufacturing and sales of equipment and parts related to each above, and business activities related to stud welding


Head Office: 81-(0)44-333-3636