ACS Method

This method realized welding for thicker diameter which was limited by using current arc stud welding method.

Main construction work record of ACS method

ETC gates on Hanshin Highway
There are adopted records for Kanto Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Applicable sizes for ACS method

Welding method Stud names※1 Applicable stud diameter Welding time per second Minimum welding pitch
ACS method Deformed bar stud D29~D35 14~18 150※1
Effective diameter threaded stud M30~M36
Outer diameter threaded stud M27~M36

※1 Steel plate to be welded: Minimum welding pitch may vary by dimensions and shape of work piece.

Principal of ACS welding

1.Put Cap for arc generating on the tip of stud, set stud into Gun so as the Cap will contact on work piece, and then put some flux on welding area.
2.When push on welding switch, stud will be lifted and held, at the same time, welding current flows, Cap for arc generating will be melt, and then arc will be generated.
3.When set time is finished, hold of stud is released and stud is pushed into melting pool by its weight, and then welding current is shut off and welding is complete.
4.When 30 seconds pass after welding finished, remove the welding Gun from stud, then remove slag, which is made of melting flux, by hitting it slightly with hammer or something.


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