Our CO2 Emission Reduction Targets and Plans

1) Stance on CO2 reduction based on Company policy

Based on the Company motto of “Creativity, Integrity, and Cooperation,” Nippon Stud Welding Co., Ltd. positions “tackling environmental issues as an essential requirement for the survival of a company” as one of its management issues. All employees are committed to proactive and continuous efforts to enhance global environmental preservation.

2) Plans

  • Promoting activities to reduce CO2, led by the Environment Committee
  • Consideration of introducing a photovoltaic power generation system (PPA)
  • Converting lighting at all locations to LED
  • Converting business vehicles to HVs and EVs
  • Strengthening power-saving activities
  • Using public transportation
  • Examination of hazardous substance included in products and measures

    We stopped using hazardous substance such as hexavalent chromium etc. We work on correspondence to RoHS DIRECTIVE.

  • Environmental preservation by applying stud welding construction method to plant machinery such as boiler

  • Examination of waste volume of packing materials and reduction of them

    We stopped using plastics for packing parts used in-house.
    We use natural-derived packing materials for shipment which do not discharge hazardous substance.

  • Reduction of wooden crate waste

    We changed wooden crate packing to tri-wall packing. It led to weight reduction and packing work reduction.

  • Saving photocopying and papers
    (We introduced CD-ROM for operation manuals)

    We reduced photocopies for distributing materials such as operation manuals by asking CD-ROM distribution.

  • Promotion of green purchase of office supplies

  • Classification waste dumping and Recycling

    We classify waste dumping such as metal scraps, papers, cardboards, plastics etc. in accordance with established rules.
    After classifying waste dumping, we ask each disposal company to recycling or final disposal.

  • Reduction of power consumption by demand control

    Demand control monitors power consumption amount in real time.
    If it may exceed set-up consumption amount, it will automatically adjust output of air conditioners and controls so as not to exceed fixed power consumption amount all the time.

  • Tree-planting activity

    We work on tree-planting activity. We plant cherry trees, gardenia trees and fragrant orange-colored olives etc. and grow ornamental plants in a pot in the office too.

  • Effective use of work flow by groupware

    By using work flow, we reduce papers, share information and speed up process.

  • Cloud-based payroll and withholding tax statements / Cloud-based expense reimbursement processing

    Significant reduction to writing paper usage, business efficiency realized

Further initiatives for the future

  • Plans to install photovoltaic power generation

  • Plans to promote the conversion of Company vehicles to HVs and EVs in the future