SW Stud Method

SW Stud Method is a method, by which SW Stud is welded directly to beam and pillar, then it is fixed with wall bar and shear wall is made.

Because cities which would be attacked by earthquakes, not to mention example of Earthquake off Miyagi prefecture in 1978, are in many dangers such as a collapse and a fire of buildings, necessity of earthquake resisting wall are increased more than before.
Conventionally, earthquake resisting walls made of steel framed reinforced concrete were processed in a lot of time and effort such as welding deformed bar to angle steel or flat steel, setup fixing deformed bar or making hole to steel frame as a method to treat a part where deformed bar for wall touches beam and pillar. Nippon Stud Welding Co., Ltd., cooperated by Kobe Steel, Ltd., has completed deformed bar which has superior in both weldability and workability, then developed long length deformed bar stud called SW stud. By reasonable method which weld and fix this SW stud directly to steel frames such as pillar or beam, then fixing wall bar to these studs, enabled to develop earthquake resisting wall economically and easily at work.
Due to development of SW stud, earthquake resisting wall functions sufficiently leading to remarkably higher rigidity and seismicity of whole structure.


Reduction in construction period

At construction site, after arranging steel bars such as hoop and stirrup to steel frames, because SW stud can be welded directly to steel frames such as pillar or beam through arranged bars, efficiency of construction work improves several times with safe. This simplicity of work helps advance the construction period.

All position welding possible

Overhead and horizontal welding, which is difficult by conventional stud welding, can be performed easily at site and superior welding result can be gained as compared to difficult all position hand welding of fillet welding.

Super excellent weldability

Material of SW stud is not it of common reinforced bar but uses standardized material for headed stud leading to superior weldability and strength.

Remarkable cost reduction

Conventionally, method to insert long external thread at site after welding internal thread to pillar or beam at factory, method to weld deformed bar to flat bar at site after welding flat bar to longer direction of pillar or beam at factory or furthermore, method to make many holes in pillar or beam, and assemble by passing deformed bar crosswise etc. have been performed but total cost of either of them is extremely high due to material, processing and difficult assembly process. Development of this SW stud reduces cost drastically due to no need of steel material, welding wire and welding fee and due to advance of construction work.

SW stud information

Material in use

KSW490, cooperated with Kobe Steel, Ltd., which has excellent weldability, is used for SW stud deformed bar.

Chemical composition of KSW490

Name C Mn Si P S
(JIS G3112 SD345)
0.20Max. 0.30~0.90 0.15~0.35 0.040Max. 0.040Max.

Mechanical properties of KSW490

Yield strength
  Tensile strength
Elongation Bend condition
Gauge length Condition inside Angle
345~440 490~(620) 20Min  8D 4D 180゚

Standard length of SW stud (40D+50mm) ※ We will respond to other lengths in addition to standard.

D13 D16
570 690

SW stud design examples

View of welding work


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