Basic Principle

Nippon Stud Welding Co., Ltd, based on company policy “Creation, Credibility and Collaboration”, ranks “working on environment issue is essential requirement to continue enterprise” one of management themes. All employees work on improvement positively and continuously to preserve the environment.

Action Guide

1) Attention to natural environment

On enterprise activity, needless to say we try to prevent contamination paying attention to preservation of earth environment, we try to develop and supply products which contribute to environmental improvement based on customer needs.

2) Compliance of environmental laws, ordinances and regulations

On enterprise activity, we observe laws, ordinances and self-regulations etc. related to environment.

3) Effective use of resources and energy

We try to use and reuse resources and energy effectively and preserve resources.

4) Establishment and continuous improvement of environmental management system

Based on this “environmental policy”, we set environmental object and goal, review them through environmental preservation activity, establish environmental management system and aim continuous improvement.

5) Publicity of environmental policy

We inform all employees and announce people outside of this “environmental policy”

August 29, 2012

Nippon Stud Welding Co., Ltd.
President Eiji Miyoshi


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