Stud Welding is

Everything, from the history of stud welding to the methods used!

Methods of Stud Welding and Welders

There are three methods divided in large for stud welding as shown in the below chart.

Method of stud welding Condenser method Drawn Arc method
Capacitor Discharge Short Cycle Drawn Arc
  • No impact on the back of welded ultra thin plate
  • A little welded warp
  • A little change of color
  • Applicable to nonferrous metal
  • Weldable to thin plate (60/60gZinc-plating 0.6t)
  • Welding parameter management monitor equipped (NSW21EX)
  • Full automation applicable
  • Large diameter studs
  • Indispensable welding to construction and civil work structure
  • Superior welding quality
Arc time (ms) 1~3 10~100 100~1000
Maximum diameter to be welded (mm) 8 9 25
Minimum plate thickness (mm) 0.4 0.6 Stud diameter × 1/5
Applicable materials Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc and others Mild steel, Stainless and Aluminum Mild steel, Stainless and Aluminum


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