Our Missions

Our efforts for
“backing up safety and security in our daily life”.


We are continuously developing new products and technologies which meet our customers’ demand

Our professionalism to stud welding

We provide perfect satisfaction to our customers on quality, price and delivery.

It has been 75 years since stud welding method was developed in the U.S.
In order to correspond to customers’ request in each industry, we provide perfect satisfaction to our customers on quality, price and delivery by fastening technology which is succeeded and developed with stud welding technology.
Besides, as a member of Association of Stud Welding (ASW), we support development of all the industry.

We develop various new methods along with our customers.

In order to respond to customer needs at all times, we develop new methods by getting outside support and cooperation.

We have developed methods by getting outside support and cooperation in order to respond to user’s needs at all times, e.g. establishment of a study group of PSW stud welding method.
Internally, various projects such as “Project for Bridge”, “Project for SC” etc have been started. These projects are progressing speedily by linking information.

In order to satisfy our customers,

Good job is “thinking on customer’s side”.
We flexibly respond to development for fastening in addition to stud welding.

In order to evolve total fastening system, users in automotive industry requests fastening to new materials for high strength and light weight of the car body, so we are now verifying them.
We are positively working on studies to respond to larger diameter stud to increase strength of the structure and to increase endurance of the structure requested by users in construction, civil works and bridge industry.


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