Our Missions

Our efforts for
“backing up safety and security in our daily life”


Unceasing challenge to root out defects

No defect activity

We provide ease and reliance to our customers.

We test all equipment required for stud welding, including welders, welding guns, stud feeders, interfaces, and other control equipment, in actual field conditions before shipping them out so that our customers can use them with confidence.

Thorough response to defects

Establishment of quality control system along with cooperative companies

In order to supply products which satisfy customers, we work on establishment of quality control system along with cooperative companies on every process from orders received to manufacturing, inspection and shipping.

Customer-oriented quality control system at all times

Establishment of traceability system of each manufacturing information on the products

We have established traceability system, which can trace record, application and address of each product. By quick response in case of defect occurrence of product, we can reduce customer problem as little as possible.


Head Office: 81-(0)44-589-4410