Privacy Policy

Nippon Stud Welding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NSW), considering protection of customer’s individual information as social obligation of business, based on the policy below, protect and manage customer information thoroughly.



When handling individual information (specific individual information which will be distinguishable), NSW observe laws and several ordinances, obligation which is stipulated on the competent minister and this policy.

2.Acquisition of individual information

When acquiring individual information, NSW collect them after announcement of object of use, range of use and window person of us etc. to the person.

3.Use range of individual information

NSW use them in accordance with use range which is specified at collection.
NSW use collected/statistically processed (not including individual information) results as marketing materials.
Besides, NSW may record individual information collected at business/enquiry.
NSW handle collected information just when NSW respond to request from customer in question smoothly.

4.Safe control and action on individual information

NSW try to keep collected individual information correct and latest.
Also NSW take proper security measures to prevent collected individual information from illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification and leak etc.
Also NSW would take corrective action if it were to happen.

5.Provision to a third party

NSW will not provide or disclose individual information of a person in question except that it is approved at collection or except when work is outsourced or except when it is legally requested.

6.Response to disclosure of information / complaints etc

NSW, in case person in question requests to disclose, correct or delete his or her own individual information, will quickly respond after confirming the person is in question. However, with regard to inquiry or complaint, please apply to each window person whom you offered your individual information.

7.Continuous effort

NSW, in order to handle offered individual information appropriately, through maintenance of management method, training on employees etc, will continuously perform establishment of company system including revision of this policy.


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