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We realize customer satisfaction all the time

Our company since established in 1969 has played a wide role in automotive, shipbuilding, construction, civil and plant engineering, and general industries concentrating on "development and proposal of application of total fastening system based on stud welding technique".

As times changed, industrial products of all sorts have increasingly diversified, their evolution and growth are remarkable, and besides their production and consumption are extremely globalized but fastening technique which combines things and things are necessary in all time and in any products.

Our company specializes in this fastening system, sticks to the policy "supply system in conformance to customers' request with competitive price, good quality and good timing", and establishes R&D (research and development) as well as evaluation system, then helps customers' streamlining and saving of labor cost in the hope of contribution to quality improvement and cost reduction.

Our wish is "We realize customer satisfaction".
Your patronage and support will be highly appreciated.

Preseident and CEO怀Eiji Miyoshi

Company Creed




We have these three Cs integrated to form the basic essentials of spirit that command us in every deed of our business practices. With a consistent effort dedicated to self-cultivation, and with a spirit of challenge to future projects, we will pursue, through business operations, the steady growth and prosperity of our organization as well as our individual happiness simultaneously with social contributions.

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