Plate stud (Rectangular stud)

Plate studs fix heat resisting material effectively by establishing wire as annex to fix light refractory material. It is used to hold heat resisting materials of the funnels and boilers.
Low carbon steel and stainless steel are used for stud considering weldability and workability.

Plate thickness Plate width Length Length before welding Collar shape (Reference) Applied Ferrule
t W Lo L E F
R3N 6X25X20 Lo+5 10X30 4 100-301-010
R3N 6X25X25
R4N 3X9X20 Lo+3 6X13 2.5 100-301-002
R4N 3X9X40
R4N 3X15X30 6X20 3 100-301-003
R4N 3X15X50



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