Insulation pin

This is a stud used as a pin to fix fiber heat insulator such as glass wool etc.
This is used to fix fiber heat insulator which is intended to relatively low temperature in the duct or cabin etc.
Low carbon steel (3~6mm) is used for stud considering weldability and workability.
Generally speed washer is used to fix heat insulator.

Products summary

Common name Common length
(After welding)
Thread length Length before welding Collar shape (reference) Applied Ferrule
d Lo S L E F
3 50~200 20~50 Lo+3 - - No
4 6 3 No
5 7 3 100-101-003
6 8 3 100-101-006


Non thread Insulating Pin003
Cone point stud002
Insulation pin for CD001



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