1. Stable welding quality by digital control
  2. Environment friendly space saving and power saving design
  3. Connection to two Guns (five Guns max.: Option)

Improvement of operation

Setting of welding conditions by rotary switch Breakdown detected by self diagnoses is shown on the seven segment monitor.

Separate type operation panel (Pendant)

Setting of detailed welding conditions and monitoring range Welding waves can be shown.

Products summary

Name・Type  NSW21EX
Applicable stud diameter  3 ~ 9
Input voltage Three phase 400Volt
Welding current 200 ~ 2000 Amp.
Welding time 5 ~ 100 msec.
Usage rate 20 pcs. / min. ( diameter 9 studs)
Dimensions W 545mm x D 590mm x H 1100mm
*Air Filter not included
Weight Approx. 140kg




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