Incinerator・Water pipe tube

Incinerator is a facility where burnable trash is processed by incineration and also harmful chemicals are made harmless. By incinerating trash, not only volume can be reduced but also sterilization and extermination of the harmful insects can be done. There are dry distillation gas furnace which is eco-friendly and suitable for industrial waste disposal, mechanical stoker type furnace which is used for melting municipal waste, fluidized bed type furnace and rotary kiln type furnace etc in the incinerator.
Equipments which are operated under high temperature such as incinerator, industrial furnace, boiling high temperature duct etc. require fireproof furnace construction in order to protect equipments from fire and to improve combustion efficiency as well. As heat insulator of these furnaces, there are several kinds of heat insulating materials. In order to hold and fix these insulators, a lot of anchors are adopted. In detail, please refer to production brochure for anchor studs.

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