LNG stockpile tank

Natural gas which is mined from underground is led into Liquefied Plant on the ground or on the sea through pipeline, is processed in a required way, and is cooled and liquefied to extra low temperature -162 ℃. LNG is stored in the tank and is shipped out on demand.
Because volume of liquefied natural gas becomes 1/600 in comparison with gas, economical transportation by exclusive LNG tanker will be possible.
Shipping tank, LNG tanker and reception tank are made with special alloy material which resists saving of this extra low temperature liquid.
A lot of threaded studs are applied to fixing materials of the structure which forms storage tank of the liquefied natural gas and to fixing materials for cooling.

We manufacture and sell various type of studs such as killed aluminum steel, 3.5% nickel steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy steel etc.
In detail, please refer to production brochure.

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